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"Simply Majestic"


Our Red Stag Label

Shiraz & Savagnin

The Red Stag is one of the worlds largest Deer species. Native to Europe's' cool Alpine region, it was introduced to Australia in the 1860's. The Red Stag is highly intelligent, passionate, regal and majestic. He demonstrates all these attributes from the 1st of April every year. The start of “the Rut” or mating season, which lasts for three months. This is where the master Stag fights for the control of a harem of up to 50 females to ensure the best DNA is passed on year after year. Similar to Shiraz bottled from local cool climate vineyards, crafted with intelligence and passion. To enjoy “la dolce vita”. Red Stag - Simply Majestic

Main Menu

The kitchen is closed every Monday & Tuesday for lunch; coffees and animal feeding available only

11:00AM-2:30PM Weekdays

15% Surcharge Applies on Public Holidays

11:00AM-2:30PM Weekends

(GF) Gluten Free

(DF) Dairy Free

(V) Vegetarian

(H) Halal

Garlic Cob Loaf
House made dukkah with cob loaf, rich glen olive oil & balsamic reduction
Meat Tasting Platter: Venison Kabana, Salami, Cured Venison, Trout Patè, Goats cheese, Tasty cheese, marinated vegetables, served with a toasted cob loaf
Cheese Tasting Platter: Goats Cheese, mature Cheddar, Milawa Blue Aged, King River Gold, Milawa triple Brie, Walnuts, Apple Crisps, Cornichons, Quince, Red Onion relish, sun dried tomatoes, olives, served with a cob loaf & crackers
Garden salad with house made dressing (GF)
Chips with tomato sauce (GF)
Sweet Potato Chips with Aioli (GF)
Wedges with sweet chilli & sour cream
Roast venison Pizza, marinated vegetables, olives, parmesan, bocconcini & garlic aioli (H)
Marinated vegetable Pizza, marinated vegetables, mushroom, olives, sun dried tomato bocconcini & garlic aioli (V)
Margherita Pizza, napoli sauce, sun dried tomato, parmesan & bocconcini cheese (V)
Chicken Pizza, mushroom, bocconcini, red onion, sundried tomato & basil pesto
*Gluten free bases available
Roasted vegetable stack, fried kale with roast capsicum sauce & balsamic dressing (GF)(V)
Beer battered flathead fillets with chips & salad, tartare sauce
Venison sausages with crushed herb potato, pea & onion gravy (GF)(H)
Venison burger with parmesan, grilled onion, sliced tomato, beetroot relish & chutney served with chips (H)
BBQ beef ribs & wedges with coleslaw, homemade bbq sauce (H)
Asian Roast Duck maryland with honey & orange glaze, egg noodle veg salad (H)
Steak & chips with salad (H)(DF) Choice of sauces (Chimichurri or Mushroom)
Warm Salmon nicoise salad, pan fried Salmon, green beans, olives, Sun dried tomatoes, baby potatoes, egg with poppy seed dressing(GF)(H)
Veg Quiche with Chips and tomato & capsicum sauce (V)
Children's Menu
Chicken nuggets & chips with tomato sauce
Battered sausage with chips & tomato sauce
Margherita Pizza (15cm base) Napoli sauce, parmesan & bocconcini cheese served with chips
Fish (2 pieces of flathead tails) with chips & tomato sauce
Ice cream sundae with topping, sprinkles & wafer stick
Devonshire tea/coffee
Regular tea/coffee