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Emu Oil

Ingredients: 100% Pure Emu Oil

Much research has been done both in Australia and overseas to establish the full benefits of Emu Oil. Dr. G. R. Hobday, an Australian researcher, has determined after 10 years of study & clinical experimentation, the following therapeutic uses for Pure Emu Oil.

Therapeutic Uses
Arthritis - Treatment of Muscle & Joint Pain
Eczema - Reduces Recent Scarring and has an Anti-Inflammatory Action the Formation of Keloid Tissue
Burns - Promotes Faster Healing with Less Pain & Scarring
Bruising & Muscle Pain - Provides Significant Benefit to Recent Bruising and Muscle Pain where Injury is Relatively Superficial
Insect Bites - The Sting & Itching is Reduced Due to the Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Cosmetic Uses
Skincare - Emu Oil is Powerful Moisturiser which has Deep Penetrating Qualities that Nourish, Revitalise, Protect & Soften the Skin
Massage - Can be used for all over the Body Massage. Also an Excellent Carrier when Combined with Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Emu Sports Rub

Ingredients: Emu Oil, Methyl Salicylate, Olive Oil

Emu Sports Rub uses Emu oils unique anti-inflammatory qualities combined with the natural pain relieving properties of Methyl Salicylate. The two ingredients work synergistically to quickly penetrate layers of skin, delivering a more potent & natural, quick recovery of the body's muscular & joint systems. Rub into muscles & joints before and after training. Not to be used on open cuts or wounds.

Game Meats

We sell a variety of Game meats in our display freezers located in our gift shop. You can purchase various cuts of venison, venison sausages, salami & kabana, Emu fillets & various cuts of goat, all halal certified.